Real Dumb Stories on the Wild Wild Web

1) I posted a job on a freelance website. One yank applied for $5 an hour. The task involved to create an account on a search engine and add keywords against some of my websites. The answer I got from yank was “Why do I create account on a website which I don’t know”. Are […]

Outsourcing to India is Passé, USA is hot destination now!!!

USA is the best destination to outsource the mundane work, tx to falling $.

Dutch Spammers

You might have heard of Dutch Courage and Dutch this, Dutch that, everything associated with cowardice, impotence and stupidity has Dutch prefixed with it. Here is new Dutch prefixed term “Dutch Spammer” For past few weeks I’ve been spammed by a Dutch company, sending me Euro Company Registration. Here is what the e-mail looks like […]

Design Patterns in PHP

PHP Feb 13, 2008 No comments

Some of the design Patterns in PHP.

Object Oriented PHP

PHP Feb 13, 2008 No comments

Object Oriented PHP

Ajax onload event

Ajax Feb 1, 2008 No comments

Ajax onload function can be used to load content at the time of page load. This can be embedded in <body> tag <body onLoad=”function();” >

AJAX – Tutorial

Ajax Jan 30, 2008 No comments

AJAX – Asynchronous Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. AJAX is not a programming language but a method to create interactive web applications. The best use of AJAX can be seen on web registration forms. When you start entering user name then the AJAX script checks for the availability in background while you enter name. AJAX Applications […]

Embedded System Notes

ASL (Arithmetic Shift Left) Signed multiplication, zero bit is set to 0 ASR (Arithmetic Shift Right) Division by 2, bit 7 is not changed LSL (Logical Shift Left) Move bits to the left and replace the spaces by 0. The bit which falls off disappears. LSR (Logical Shift Right) Move bits to the right and […]

Singleton Class

C++ Jan 28, 2008 No comments

A singleton class can have only one object. To create singleton class we need to block normal way of creating class by blocking access to the constructor and provide a new function which will return only one instance of the object. This function will also perform checking to see if there is only one instance […]


3G Jan 26, 2008 No comments

AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) FACH (Forward Access Channel) Transport Channel (DL) Carries control information to UEs within a cell Carry small amount of packet data No power control Can have several FACHs. But the primary one must have low data rate in order to be received by all terminals. In-band signaling is needed to […]