vBulletin – How to moderate first post from new users

Buy making first post from user to be moderated you can stop vBulletin forum being spammed up to some extent. Find out how to do it.

Google Play – Android developer console – How to update app

Trying to figure out the correct process to update an Android app in Google Play Android Developer Console.

vBulletin Resources

Links to some of the useful vBulletin resources, ad-ons, articles and tips.

iOS App Development Resources

Links to some of the useful resources for iOS App Development.

Google Exact-Match Domain (EMD) algorithm update – SEO is DEAD

SEO Sep 30, 2012 29 Comments

Google pushed Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm update on Friday 28 September 2012 and it has caused total chaos.

Best Responsive WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs

WordPress Sep 23, 2012 2 Comments

Reviews of some of my favorite and best responsive WordPress theme.

publicservice.co.uk Scam – publicservice.co.uk Fraud

UK Scams Sep 21, 2012 9 Comments

Find out how publicservice.co.uk scams businesses in the UK and abroad.

Pinterest Hacked? We have detected suspicious activity on your Pinterest account

Pinterest security has been breached and accounts are being compromised. Let’s see what is going on and how to protect account.

Facebook Error: There Was an Error – Max number of upload retries exceeded: Error #2032

While uploading a photo on Facebook I got this error. See the full post for the solution.